Thursday, 11 August 2011

Looters and Happy Brides

I have loved coming into work every day this past week, as on the door mat each day has been a thank you card from one of our happy brides. I know its old fashioned of me in these days of electronic messaging/emails/texts and all the rest,  but there is nothing quite like opening up an envelope and reading a hand written card from someone expressing their thanks for what you have done for them.  

On Tuesday last week the rumor mill was working overtime, I received a text from a friend at 3pm about suspected riots and looting due to happen in our small town that very evening, at the time I was downstairs working on an alterations and completely oblivious to the impending chaos about the happen outside. 
Looking out of the shop window I could see police walking up and down the road, heavier than usual traffic and lots of people milling around, I suspect doing the same as I was trying to find out what was going on.  

The supermarket at the end of our road was closed early and boarded up the windows which caused panic to spread fast.  At the end of a hot and humid day where we had steamed 5 bridal gowns, 6 bridesmaids dresses and 1 set of menswear ready for wedding that weekend, we then had to decide whether of not to risk leaving them in the shop overnight with the threat of our shop windows being smashed and dresses being taken.
We made a decision, and so my husband came along to the shop, we packed up all the customers dresses and took them home with us! 
This may have been an over-reaction of our part, but can you imagine the scene the following day if the rumours had been true, I would have come in the following morning to a crowd of distraught brides, so happy I am that the dresses were safe at home.
Everyone went down the aisle as planned and all I found on my doormat were thank you cards.

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