Saturday, 8 September 2012

Latest bridal trends Spring/Summer 2013

Without hesitation I would say that lace is still the biggest trend in bridal at the moment, thanks to the Kate Middleton effect!

We have many different shapes and styles of lace dresses in store with beautiful lace detailing on the bodice and some that are solid lace from to top to the hem.  
There are many different types of lace from simple open lace embroidered pattern right through to heavily embellished and corded and re-beaded laces.
We are finding many ladies are coming in requesting lace dresses with lace sleeves or straps, but still finding the vast majority prefer a strapless dress once they have tried both styles on.

In terms of dress shapes we are finding the mermaid shape is still the most requested shape when ladies first come in to try on dresses,  but of course it is not always suitable for those of us who are slightly fuller on the hips (in other words pear shaped), and for these ladies an a-line dress in varying fullness of skirt is a better option as this will make the most of a small waist.

Asymmetrical detailing is still a big feature on a lot of our dresses with crossover bodices, or pleats and tucks which wrap over to one side.  Sparkle is still a feature on a lot of styles, this is predominantly in silver, although we do occasionally find a bride who will prefer gold detailing.
New up coming trends on the horizon for next season will be slinky "Gatsby" type dresses, with fabulous beading effects usually concentrated around the necklines and often these dresses have low cut back or even keyhole back detailing.

Once again this style of dress is not for everyone, its best suited to those who have a more boyish shape due to the way these dresses are cut, often on the bias with no boning or corsetry built-in they offer little or no support.  
The majority of orders we are taking at the moment are still for corset style back fastening, but we predict simpler back detailing such as covered buttons will soon become the more popular choice.
The sweetheart style neckline is still the most popular option, although we are now seeing more and more dresses with a straight across "or bustier" style with a slight dip in the centre.  Ivory is still the most popular choice for bridal gowns, although some are opting for pure whites or off whites, of course this choice is often dictated by the bride-to-be's hair and skin colouring, we find ivory is often the most flattering shade. 

Bridesmaids colours we are finding most popular at the moment are:- Cadburys purple, mauves and lavenders,  hot pinks and coral, cobalt blue, aqua and the ever popular pinks and reds.  
In the Gents Formal Hire we are still hiring mostly Grey Suits in both light and dark grey, but are seeing a return to the traditional and classic look of the black morning suit with pin stripe trousers, but most are opting to leave out the top hats and replacing the cravat with a simple tie or scrunch tie.  

All our staff are experienced in bridal styling and always happy to offer help and advice to help style up your wedding, your way.

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