Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Bluebird Bridal - Part One - The Shimmy Dress

Here at Bustles and Bows, alterations and customisation of dresses is a BIG part of our lives. We spend many many hours downstairs in our sewing room transforming customer’s dresses into one of a kind creations, and making their dresses fit like gloves. This is something that we adore doing and when we’ve got the time and the opportunity, we just love to get creative.

This is how The Bluebird Collection idea began, we had some dresses that we felt could use a new lease of life. Sometimes they are vintage gowns, sometimes they are just samples in gorgeous fabrics that have gone unappreciated... until now.

The dresses in The Bluebird Collection will be taken apart, and reconstructed creating absolutely one off, up cycled designs, just waiting to be snapped up by one very lucky bride. This is a real chance for us to let our creativity run wild.

It is with this in mind, then, that I am excited to share with you the very beginnings of this project with: The Wiggle Dress.

You see... we have this oh-so-simple fishtail gown... which is lovely, of course, but we felt she had a little more snap crackle and pop hidden within her fibres than she was letting on. So we decided the best thing to do was to chop of her legs (gasp!) and cover her in gorgeous fringing. 

You could say that The Great Gatsby has been somewhat of an influence on us.. (If you hadn’t known that we had this idea months ago, that is!) but the timing is perfect, and we thought you might enjoy reading about the process of this gowns fabulous transformation.

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